A Letter From The Editor

To the readers:

Write me a letter!

A little over a year ago, I quietly unfolded the Neworld Review to the public. During that year I carefully avoided issuing a mission statement in my ‘Letter to the Reader,’ but decided instead to let the publication speak for itself; not that I, and my small staff, didn’t have a clear, well thought-out concept for the kind of publication we wanted.

Like the rest of my staff, I hoped that the real mission statement that would emerge from our efforts was that the reader would see that the Neworld Review served both the literary community, as well as the larger arts world.

To my delight, our efforts have been well rewarded with much support. My staff and I truly thank you.

In this issue we have much of note. Theater editor James Petcoff took a trip to London and caught a world premiere at the Old Vic, of Joe Sutton’s new play, Complicit, which, from James’ review, I hope that we will soon see produced in New York City, or somewhere else in America.

Also, Brenda Greene offers an excellent review of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Junot Diaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (how I wish I had the genius to come up such an enchanting title for my next novel. Orphans will have to do for now.)

Madeleine Mysko contributes an interesting, and highly informative essay on the lost art of letter writing.

It’s hard to believe that I once lived in a world, however briefly, where every would-be writer I encountered had in the back of his or her mind that every time they wrote someone a letter–even if it contained a mere complaint about the lack of heat in their tiny, rat infested apartment in the East Village–that it would one day end up in a collection, or an anthology, backed by a major publisher.

Those days are long gone. Now, letters are summarily dismissed as mere “snail mail”. The electronic revolution has clearly won, and email is king, or queen, as the case may be.

Maybe soon a thought-provoking collection of emails will arrive in the mail at the Neworld Review and boldly challenge the sheer supremacy, and growing reputation, of people sitting quietly alone, often by just candle light, pen in hand, recording how they felt that day, or night; quietly pouring out their hearts, or merely gossiping about their colorful day.

I am convinced that the long gone age of letter writing will continue to grow in literary importance, and email will remain the lowly art form it clearly deserves to be; mainly because real writers, in the deepest recesses of their inner being, profoundly question the permanency of this electronic world.

So, with Madeleine’s essay in mind, take a pen or pencil in hand, and write me a letter back. I would love to know what you are thinking.

There is much, much more. Thank you for picking us up.

Fred Beauford


Neworld Review
Vol. 2 No 6


Fred Beauford

Art Director

Bernie Rollins

Managing Editor

Jan Alexander


Margaret Johnstone

Senior Editor

Herb Boyd

Contributing Editors

Jane M McCabe: books
James Petcoff: theater
Rona Edwards:film
Russell Burge: visual arts
Loretta Campbell
Brenda M. Greene
Madeleine Mysko

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